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ACA Legal Plan with No Deductible!

ACA offers the most comprehensive legal coverage and staff representation available. The Law Offices of Napier, Coury & Baillie, PC, Arizona Public Sector & Personal Injury Attorneys, specialize in Public Sector Employment, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death. While other associations’ legal representation depends on cash reserves from members’ dues alone, ACA legal coverage is paid by monthly memberships in up line organizations, which afford unlimited legal coverage. Other associations have a one fits all legal approach and become involved after the member receives discipline. The ACA legal coverage provides separate administrative and criminal attorneys specializing in specific representation and is committed as soon as the member becomes involved in an administrative or criminal investigation. Kathryn R.E. Baillie, Attorney At Law, of Napier, Coury & Baillie law firm has a well-earned reputation for providing aggressive, high quality representation. There is no-one we would rather have on our side.

All ACA members are also PORAC legal Defense Fund members. The PORAC Legal Defense Fund is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most respected public safety legal plan. Serving more than 115,000 members nationwide, PORAC-LDF remains committed to protecting the rights and benefits of its members since 1974.

ACA provides members with important legal protections with no deductible for when you need it most.  Below is a comparative chart.

ACA BENEFIT Compared to FOP/ALC Compared to AZ-COPS/ CWA
Disciplinary Hearings
Unlimited coverage for members on or off duty. Unlimited coverage for spouse or dependent children for job related matters.
Job related matters only.
NO representation for off duty matters.
Spouses and children not covered.
Response to Critical Incidents
By the ACA Attorney (Legal Defense Fund Attorneys), PORAC (Peace Officers Research Association of California) and the Arizona Corrections Association representatives – 24/7
Response from attorney only.
Response from attorney only and no correction representation.
Civil Defense (Job Related Matters)
Unlimited coverage for member, spouse, and dependent children
Unlimited coverage for member, spouse, and dependent children
Member only
Criminal Defense (Job Related Matters)
Unlimited coverage for members, including civilian member.
Includes spouse and dependent children
Member only. In some matters limited to $5000 reimbursement of attorney’s fees.
FREE Consultations On any matter for member, spouse, and dependent children. FREE Office visits as needed and unlimited phone consultations.
Phone only.
Job related matters for member only.
Personal Injury Recovery 25% contingency fee for member and ANY Family Member. Five (5) Free Hours of representation for on-contingency matters.
25% contingency. Only for member, spouse, and dependent children only.
Contract Negotiations EXPERIENCED assistance with development and negotiation of contract.
Discounted Rate For other legal services
Motor Vehicle Representation UNLIMITED defense of moving violations for member; except DUI/DWI and drug related matters.
Estate Representation Representation to survivors of any member killed in the line-of-duty and accidentalOFF-DUTY Death.
Line-of-Duty only.
Wills FREE drafting of wills for members and ANY member of the family.
Spouse and dependent children only.
representation for members’ personal return.
Only fifty-one (51) hours.
Class Action & Employment Litigation At direction of ACA Board
(ALL Corrections members)
At direction of executive committee (no correction officers)
At direction of executive board (not all correction officers)
Representation Decisions ONLY 
Arizona Correction Officers take part in decisions.
No correction officers take part in decisions & executive committee does not include officers
NO Correction Officers.
Property Damage Recovery Five (5) free hours of representation
Experience EXPERIENCED in representing law enforcement since 1975. Over 300 law enforcement matters before Civil Service Boards, and Merit System Boards.
Number of law enforcement cases before Civil Service Board is NOT provided
Number of law enforcement cases before Civil Service Board is NOT provided

Legal Covgerage for Non-Officers

ACA (Arizona Corrections Association) offers legal coverage to Non Officers which includes maintenance,  ACI staff and secretaries with legal coverage thru the ACA administrative attorney, Napier law firm. Should you be charged in an administration investigation, you are covered under Napier Law Firm, which includes the following:

  • Disciplinary hearings before the Civil Service or Merit System
  • Administrative representation including grievances and special actions to Superior Court and higher courts.
  • Class action claims (e.g. FLSA wage and hour claims)
  • Settled such matters as paid lunch periods and overtime.
  • Civil defense for matters occurring within the scope of employment.
  • Consultation with attorney Free.. telephonic consultations to members and spouses on any matter
  • Personal Injury recovery
    (on or off duty). Fee of 25% or less and in some instances no fee.
  • Political and legislative action
  • Class action claims (e.g. FLSA wage and hour claims)
  • Other Legal Services
  • Free wills, power of attorney and living wills for members and their spouses.
  • Reduced hourly fees for other services not covered under this benefit.
  • Other Services provided to ACA by Michael Napier, P.C.
  • 24/7 Attorney on all matters

Legal Resource

  • conduct research and provide opinions on legal issues related to labor and employment
  • training provided to Association representatives on legal issues
  • legislative research

Labor and Employment

  • assistance with grievance through arbitration if necessary
  • representation before Personnel Board.
  • available resource for negotiation and grievance issues

Legal counsel for both on and off-duty incidents, for members and their family

PORAC does not provide free criminal defense for on-duty or off-duty criminal charges for non-officer members; however, the ACA will provide names of criminal defense attorneys who will provide a reduced fee to maintenance and ACI staff and secretaries.