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Legal Services – APA/ACA General Council

The law firm of Napier, Coury and Baillie, P.C. has represented the law enforcement community for over 40 years. The APA is proud of the full-range of legal coverage provided to its membership by the Napier firm.


Kathryn Baillie: Attorney at Law

Napier, Coury & Baillie, P.C.
2525 East Arizona Biltmore Circle, Suite 135
Phoenix, AZ 85016
(602) 248-9107
Napier, Coury & Baillie



Arizona Public Sector & Personal Injury Attorneys

The Law Offices of Napier, Coury & Baillie, PC specialize in Public Sector Employment, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death. We represent public sector employees, injury victims and small employers, not businesses or insurance companies. Our law firm has a well-earned reputation for providing aggressive, high quality representation.



We have successfully represented clients in the following types of cases:

Wrongful Death
Drunk Driving Accidents
Auto Accidents
Spinal Cord/Traumatic Brain Injuries
Nursing Home Abuse
Rollover Accidents
Severe Dog Bites
Large Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
School Bus Accidents
Slip and Fall Accidents
Highway Design

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The Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) is an organization representing more than 48,000 public safety workers in California, Arizona and Nevada. PORAC’s employee base ranges from municipal police officers and firefighters, to deputy sheriffs, correctional officers and…..

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