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The Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) is an organization representing more than 48,000 public safety workers in California, Arizona and Nevada. PORAC’s employee base ranges from municipal police officers and firefighters, to deputy sheriffs, correctional officers and game and fish wardens. As an organization PORAC has been successfully representing peace officers since 1974. LDF or the Legal Defense Fund is one of the many products that PORAC offers to its membership. PORAC’s representative powers are obviously derived from its large and varied membership base.

The Legal Defense Fund was designed to provide additional protection, both criminal and civil, to its members who become involved in scope of employment incidents. The Legal Defense Fund is managed by peace officers for peace officers. The fund has cash reserves in excess of $4 million dollars to protect its membership, with no caps on benefits. Whatever a covered incident costs will be paid by the fund.

LDF Criminal and Civil representation is available regardless of who does the investigation. This includes investigations instigated by all the local, state and federal agencies. In addition to an experienced attorney, the “Customary and Usual” services provided by the LDF include investigators, expert witnesses, polygraphers, court reporters, and court costs. If a conflict arises in the coverage of multiple members, each member will receive separate council. Even if you are being defended and indemnified by your employer, the LDF will provide an experienced attorney to monitor your case and be available to answer any questions about the case, review the pleadings and discovery, watch for conflicts between you and your employer and watch for any signs of inadequate representation.

LDF representation is provided by a locally identified and approved panel of experienced attorneys. New organizational members to the fund do not have to give up their preferred attorneys. Through prior approval, most attorneys can be added to the Arizona Panel of attorneys approved by PORAC.

Plan information is available through your local APA/ACA association.