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Month: September 2019

ABC 15 Writes – AZCPOA union bosses accused of stealing money

“There were several other AZCPOA members occupying the leadership positions that were doing nothing other than utilizing our union funds for their own pleasure, to the point of depleting our union funds,” Garcia wrote to members. The state’s main union for correctional officers is accusing former top administrators of stealing and misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds. S...
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Mismanagement of AZCPOA Funds

Well our comments on the mismanagement of AZCPOA funds has generated many comments and recollections of former AZCPOA members.  One former member commented and reminded us, at ACA, that he had requested from Mr. Sikes, who was the treasurer at the time, to review “the books”.  In fact, he had requested “numerous times to view the financial records”.  Finally, Mr. Sikes allowed him one hour to view...
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