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Mismanagement of AZCPOA Funds

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Well our comments on the mismanagement of AZCPOA funds has generated many comments and recollections of former AZCPOA members.  One former member commented and reminded us, at ACA, that he had requested from Mr. Sikes, who was the treasurer at the time, to review “the books”.  In fact, he had requested “numerous times to view the financial records”.  Finally, Mr. Sikes allowed him one hour to view the records and then told him he had to leave. This former member had identified numerous questionable expenses which he presented and questioned AZCPOA about at the following board meeting. 

One may have thought that a conscientious prudent board would have immediately conducted an investigation into the books; instead, AZCPOA board members expelled him from AZCPOA. Former members had enough, the ACA was created.  

Dishearteningly, this former AZCPOA member states, this “will drag on for years, then nothing will come of it and those involved will go away and nothing will change except the players who will do the same”.  

We are correctional officers, don’t let this happen.